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The key goal of CHILD CIRCLE is to combine expertise on EU legislative and policy measures with the experience of practitioners across the region to ensure real improvements to the lives of children.​

CONTRIBUTE - Sharing Our Expertise  
CHILD CIRCLE engages ​with regional bodies such as the Council of Europe and EU Member States, EU institutions and EU agencies. ​We participate in expert consultations and publish ​regional policy reflections, focussing on concrete opportunities and challenges that exist for European action in the field of child protection. Read more...

CONNECT - Exchanging Knowledge and Experience  
CHILD CIRCLE brings together stakeholders through exchange of knowledge and experience. We support capacity-building and facilitate mutual learning. We engage in joint initiatives and issue joint publications with key child protection actors in Europe. The work of CHILD CIRCLE is supported and enhanced by our links with national and regional child protection professionals. Read more... 

COLLABORATE - Working Together on Projects 
CHILD CIRCLE collaborates with stakeholders on projects of public interest, with a particular focus on developing practical tools to support implementation of European measures. Read more...


Child Safeguarding

Child Circle is fully committed to safeguarding all children that we come in contact with and to practice in a way that protects them. Read our Child Circle Safeguarding Children Policy​.