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​​Why does CHILD CIRCLE promote European Action to protect children?

Across Europe children are at risk of many forms of violence. Protecting children from violence requires a wide range of actors and activities ​to form a protective environment for all children. Local and national actions play a key role.  Regional actions by the EU and the Council of Europe also have a significant impact.

​European Union measures establish obligations to children in certain circumstances of vulnerability, including in cases of trafficking and child abuse. The EU also establishes cooperation between State actors across borders. EU agencies produce practical measures that can support actors in their work with children, including training tools and guidance. ​Read more...

The Council of Europe promotes children's right to protection through Conventions, for example on child sexual abuse and trafficking,  monitors the State parties' progress and makes recommendations. The Council of Europe also advocates for children's rights and child protection through campaigns, and provides guidance and practical support in the form of guidelines, information, workshops and regional dialogue. Read more...​

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