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CHILD CIRCLE is run by two experts in Brussels who have been working in the field of EU law, child rights and child protection for many years. They run CHILD CIRCLE on a pro bono basis in order to contribute to reinforcing the role and impact of European actions in protecting children from violence, to create a meeting place for organisations and practitioners and to engage in projects of public interest. 

Apart from their role in CHILD CIRCLE, they work in independent advisory roles on a project basis for a wide range of organisations (www.odonnell-lind.eu). 

CHILD CIRCLE hosts the CHILD CIRCLE EXCHANGE  which brings together key regional stakeholders to exchange information and experience on European actions.

The work of CHILD CIRCLE is supported and enhanced by FRIENDS OF CHILD CIRCLE, who are practitioners and experts in the field of child protection working nationally and regionally.

CHILD CIRCLE was established in February 2014.